Mass media representatives (hereinafter – Media) accreditation to the St.Petersburg Digital Forum is performed to provide necessary conditions to prepare and disseminate full and reliable information about the Forum.

Please notice that all Media representatives, including bloggers, willing to participate in information dissemination about the Forum are entitled to fill in registration form on the Forum web-site.
While performing professional activities Media representatives are obliged to follow the legal interests of the Forum participants and staff members, as well the generally acknowledged ethic standards.

The number of Media representatives that will participate in the Forum is limited, as the Forum organizers aim to provide them with the most comfortable working conditions and efficient access to all the required resources considering the high interest of Media to the event and the infrastructure capabilities of the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre. Nevertheless, the Forum Organizing committee can increase the share of Media representatives upon official request in case it is well-justified.

Application for Media registration

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